Our eyes weren't made
to stare at screens all day,
every day.

Do you experience any of the following?
UserEye fatigue
UserDry eyes
UserBlurred vision
You're not alone:
Woman spending 1/3 of her day on computer
30% of the U.S. spend at least 8 hours in front of a screen each day
7/10 of millenials have symptoms of digital eye strain
60% of Americans report symptoms of Digital Eye Strain
43% of Americans need computers for work
43% have jobs that require prolonged screen time
Felix Gray has helped tens of thousands suffering from eyestrain, blurry vision, and headaches
Our Lenses
Make Happier Eyes
Our state-of-the-art, proprietary lenses filter the most harmful blue light wavelengths and eliminate glare without using a less effective coating. The lenses are clear so they do not affect color perception.
Your Look
Is Important
Our frames are made from the very best hand-crafted Italian acetate, and are designed to be timeless: classic with a modern twist.
Beautiful and effective computer glasses that you'll actually want to wear, for only $95

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See what our customers have to say:

I wholeheartedly recommend a pair of Felix Grays to anyone who interacts with some form of an electronic screen for any period of time.
- Steven Lao: Cyber Systems, U.S. Air Force

I'm totally in love with my Felix Grays, and even though I've never worn glasses before in my life. They fit in so naturally that I'm sure they'll be a part of my look in the future! I felt much less tired at the end of the workday, and got a ton of compliments. Win-win!
- Carolyn Boyce: Associate Manager, Major Media/Publishing Company


Felix Grays help my eyes stay relaxed and improved their endurance throughout my workday. I'm able to be productive for longer periods of time, and I look a lot smarter in front of coworkers. I've also gotten two raises since I started wearing them- not saying it's because of the FGs but I'm also not-not saying it's because of the FGs
- Ryan Lowe: Client Executive and Sales, IBM

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reason to spend another day with eyestrain and headaches

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