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Meet our frames

Turing meet our frames1
  • Premium smudge & scratch resistant lenses
  • Handmade Italian acetate
  • Barrel hinges to provide extra stability

With its sophisticated round shape, barrel hinges, and signature keyhole bridge, the Turing seamlessly pulls off the sophisticated professional look.

3.biopic turing
Alan Turing
(1912 - 1954)
Known as the godfather of modern day computer science, Turing is most known for the creation of the Turing machine. This was the first computer of its kind and was used to break the Enigma code, which the Nazis utilized to send encrypted messages. Many consider the machine’s breaking of the code as a major contribution in the Allied Forces winning WWII. Unfortunately, the British government never repaid Turing. Rather, he was arrested and imprisoned for being gay in 1952. He died two years later at the age of 41.