Faraday c3 black front


Faraday c7 sazerac front


Faraday c4 burnt amber front

Burnt Amber


Face: Medium/Large
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Meet our frames

Faraday meet our frames1
  • Premium smudge & scratch resistant lenses
  • Handmade Italian acetate
  • Barrel hinges to provide extra stability

This classic frame employs a wider square lens. The edges are soft, lending the frames a smart and chic look. Perfect for a slightly larger face or someone who likes to see more lens than frame in their line of vision.

3.biopic faraday
Michael Faraday
(1791 - 1867)
Despite little formal education, Michael Faraday is one of the most influential scientists in history. Born in England, Faraday is best known for his research on the electromagnetism. He showed how conductors can carry direct current and how magnetism could affect rays of light, demonstrating a previously undocumented relationship between these two phenomena. While these are complicated concepts, Faraday’s mathematical understanding extended only to trigonometry. Instead, his skill as an experimentalist is what propelled him forward.