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Do you experience any of the following?


Eye fatigue


Dry eyes




Blurred vision

You're not alone...

7/10 of millenials have symptoms of digital eye strain


of all Americans report symptoms of Digital Eye Strain. And this is increasing 7% per generation.

Woman spending 1/3 of her day on computer


of Americans spend 8 hours of the day in front of their screen.

43% of Americans need computers for work


of all Americans have
jobs that require prolonged
computer use. Are you one?

less than 1/10 people wear computer glasses


less than 10% of
Americans have tried
computer glasses to
protect their eyes.

The dangers of blue light

Light wavelength spectrum, dangerous blue lights highlighted

Blue light resides at the high end of the visible light spectrum. Studies show that exposure to it can lead to poor sleep (by suppressing melatonin secretion).
Our lenses fully filter the most dangerous range: 400-440 nm.
But blue light also has its benefits, so it’s important to let some of the light in as well. Our lenses do this by enabling the more beneficial 440-500 nm range to enter our eyes.

Happier eyes, yay!

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