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Glare reduction

Glare is emitted from many sources of light, including computer screens (desktop monitors, laptop screens, phone screens, and tablets). It is a common and often overlooked culprit of Digital Eye Strain. Symptoms of DES (also known as Computer Vision Syndrome), include eye strain, dry eyes, blurred vision, and headaches. 

That's where we come in! Our lenses have a premium anti-glare coating (known as an AR, or anti-reflective coating) to combat glare. Anti-glare lenses virtually eliminate glare by allowing more light and less artificial feedback directly into your eye from a single angle. This optimizes our visual acuity, which means we can see more clearly and with less stress on the ciliary muscles.

Glare is particularly a problem at night. It’s one of the reasons looking at screens in dark settings is even more stressful on the eye. (Helpful tip: keep lights on when you’re doing work in front of your computer. By doing so, your environment is better lit and therefore the effects of glare are less.)

Felix Gray’s anti-glare coating aims to provide sharper vision and more relaxed eyes. We are dedicated to making people’s lives happier in front of the screen, which is why we utilize a premium AR coating.