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Understanding the size

49-18-140 (in millimeters)

Lens width
Lens Width

49 - 18 - 140

Bridge width
Bridge Width

49 - 18 - 140

Arm length
Arm Length

49 - 18 - 140

Unisex frames

1 man 3 2 man 3 3 man 3 4 man 3 5 man 3
1 women 3 2 women 3 3 women 3 4 women 3 5 women 3

Meant for the digital age

Handcrafted Italian acetate frames and a proprietary lens that is the perfect balance between clear and effective

Blue light

Filters Blue Light

Eliminates glare

Eliminates Glare

Quality frames

Quality Frames


Why we named this frame Roebling


Emily Roebling

1843 - 1903

After her husband became bedridden from caisson disease (i.e. “the bends”), Emily Roebling assumed his responsibility of building the Brooklyn Bridge. Under her realm as the first woman field engineer, she spent the next fourteen years supervising the bridge’s construction. Her deep understanding of bridge mechanics helped her excel at the job. Later in her life, Roebling continued her pursuit of education, receiving a law degree from New York University in 1899.

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Free shipping, returns, and exchanges. Happy eyes await!

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