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Understanding the size

49-17-140 (in millimeters)

Lens width
Lens Width

49 - 17 - 140

Bridge width
Bridge Width

49 - 17 - 140

Arm length
Arm Length

49 - 17 - 140

Unisex frames

1 man 3 2 man 3 3 man 3 4 man 3 5 man 3
1 women 3 2 women 3 3 women 3 4 women 3 5 women 3

Meant for the digital age

Handcrafted Italian acetate frames and a proprietary lens that is the perfect balance between clear and effective

Blue light

Filters Blue Light

Eliminates glare

Eliminates Glare

Quality frames

Quality Frames


Why we named this frame Nash


John Nash

1928 - 2015

John Nash was a Nobel Prize winning economist and mathematician. Nash earned a Ph.D. from Princeton University in 1950. His thesis dealt with non-cooperative games, specifically defining an instance that he dubbed, “The Nash Equilibrium.” His proving of this concept would later win him the Nobel Prize in 1994. His deep understanding of game theory proved incredibly useful in advising politicians regarding strategy. Tragically, he and his wife died in a car crash in May 2015.

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Free shipping, returns, and exchanges. Happy eyes await!

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