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Understanding the size

49-21-145 (in millimeters)

Lens width
Lens Width

49 - 21 - 145

Bridge width
Bridge Width

49 - 21 - 145

Arm length
Arm Length

49 - 21 - 145

Unisex frames

Kepler c8 model male leftprofile Kepler c8 model male leftangle Kepler c8 model male front Kepler c8 model male rightangle Kepler c8 model male rightprofile
Kepler c8 model female leftprofile Kepler c8 model female leftanglev2 Kepler c8 model female front Kepler c8 model female rightangle Kepler c8 model female rightprofile

Meant for the digital age

Handcrafted Italian acetate frames and a proprietary lens that is the perfect balance between clear and effective

Blue light

Filters Blue Light

Eliminates glare

Eliminates Glare

Quality frames

Quality Frames


Why we named this frame Kepler


Johannes Kepler

1571 - 1630

Johannes Kepler was a German mathematician and astronomer. Kepler is best known for defining the three laws of planetary motion, which state that planets travel elliptically and that a planet’s rate of motion is inversely proportional to its distance from the Sun. These findings improved the Theory of Heliocentricity proposed by Copernicus and were foundational in Isaac Newton’s Theory of Universal Gravitation.

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Free shipping, returns, and exchanges. Happy eyes await!

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