The September Issue: Felix Gray Edition

Vogue's “September Issue" heralds the top fashion trends for autumn, which is arguably the most important and transformative season for fashion. This issue is the strong start to a fashion year, anticipating what’s to come in the next 12 months.


Since we’re both a tech AND a fashion brand, here’s our own little “September Issue” with some exciting news about us and what to expect from your best accessory companion this fall: 



  • We presented TWO new frames (Turing's slightly more oval cousin, the Roebling, and our loosest fit, the Jemison) this fall. We hope you are excited as we are ;) 
  • As the days get shorter, you’ll experience a more and more stark contrast in light, which only increases your Digital Eye Strain. Make sure that all the blue light emission isn’t greatly affecting your sleep pattern. The New York Times dove into the adverse effects of Computer Vision Syndrom (also known as Digital Eye Strain) here - check it out for yourself!
  • Felix Grays fit perfectly with fall fashion. Our browns, blacks, and other neutral-colored options are the perfect match with a fall suit, long coat, and those breathtaking, turning leaves! One downside to the colder weather, though: that dry weather (which just adds to the dry eyes already created by staring at screens all day). Don your Felix Grays to shield your eyes from that brisk fall weather :) 


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