Five Hacks For a Successful Week

Let’s face it, you’re going to have a busy week. Last week was busy, and surely next week will be even busier. Your workload continues to grow, and there's only so many days in a week, hours in a day, minutes in an hour...(you get the idea).

In order to succeed, you must first set yourself up for success. Below are a few tips that can help you get ready for the week ahead, and stay on top of the most important tasks you have to complete. 

1. Meal Strategy

If you’re not proactively grocery shopping, you’re messing up. Allot two hours of your Sunday to figure out what nights you’ll be cooking in the coming week, what ingredients you’ll need, and where you’ll go to get them. If you do this every weekend, you should be able to get in and out of the grocery store in ~20 minutes with enough groceries for seven days. Formulate a plan on what to make each night, and add it to your mental calendar. Dinner plans can emerge at any given moment, so shopping on a weekly frequency should hedge the risk of expirations. Prepping the what, where, when's of mealing on Sunday will allow precious time on evenings of days that don't start with S.

2. Calendar Recon

Scope your entire calendar for the week. Have an idea how your projects/lunches/meetings/happy hours are going to fit around commute times. If your calendar is kept up-to-date, you don’t have to do much here. Give a high-level-assessment-making mental note of any potential conflicts. It’s better to figure these out before hand, if possible, and will save you valuable time spent opening your calendar before every decision.


3. Maximize Workstation

Optimize your desk for maximum performance. Keep that moleskin close with a clean page open. Keep your Felix Grays by the screen for when you’re ready to "zone in" on a project. Keep water, coffee and snacks accessible so that you don’t have to leave your seat once "zoned in." Make a “Crush It” playlist with whatever music motivates you. Spotify is perfect for this sort of thing (there are even Spotify engineers who wear Felix Grays, so add that to your list of reasons to give our specs a try). 


4. Email Assassin

Use some weekend downtime to get a jump on any email work. Use logical folder structures and keep open-communication messages in a place where can quickly get to them. Admittedly, we thought this was going to be impossible at first, but now we swear by the practice. Zero-ing out your inbox takes discipline, and subconsciously keeps you from letting conversations fall into Middle Earth. 

Pro tip: install Rapportive to know exactly who you're communicating with. This will save you loads of time researching these counterparties in correspondence.

(yeah one does, bro)


5. Reboot & Replenish

Take some time for yourself. For those Gen Y or older, go do something you did as a kid that didn't involve diodes and a network connection; you may find your new favorite hobby again! Turning off for even a minimal amount of time is essential for any ambitious [insert occupation] in today's highly competitive industries. Peter Gasca recently wrote an insightful article for Entrepreneur which explores the benefit silence has on creativity. The quick read employs highly relatable metaphors and a modern awareness of one's surrounding to argue that stimulating the senses with nothing for even five minutes is not only healthy, but also strategic, for those who need to stay ahead of the curve. Taking a break from the grind will allow you to recharge the batteries, and potentially come up with your next unicorn idea.


6. Have Your Felix Grays at the Ready

Saving the best tip for last! Whether you are a round-lens-lover and don the Turings or Roeblings, a fan of a square shape and prefer the Nash or Faraday style, or go for the classic "Wayfarer" style with our Jemisons, make sure your Felix Grays are always out and ready to work (or play). Our clear, blue-light-filtering lens protect your lookers from over 50% of the blue light we are often over-exposed to from our screens. Eyes feeling fatigued, dry, red, irritated, or achey after a long day in front of the screen (the classic signs of Digital Eye Strain)? We engineered a hack for that! Find your perfect fit here and be ready to plug-in to your desk once Monday rolls around.



This is by no means an exhaustive list, but practicing any amount (or all) of the steps above should help you have a productive week. Whether you're an entrepreneur and productivity is a way of life, or you’re simply looking to make a little more time for personal endeavors- eliminating redundant tasks, searches and distractions will certainly help you succeed in staying on top. 

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