Not all Blue Light glasses are the same

Most lenses don’t filter where it matters, learn how Felix Gray does

Data doesn’t lie

Felix Gray’s proprietary lens filters 15x more than the competition where it matters (455 nm)

Data chart of Felix Gray blue light filtration compared to competition

The best lenses, hands down

A quick guide to different blue light lenses

What makes Felix Gray the best

Proprietary blue light filtering solution

Proprietary Blue Light solution

We embed a naturally occurring ocular pigment into the lens to be the most effective, clear Blue Light solution

Eliminates glare

Eliminates 99% of glare

Glare is another main culprit of Digital Eye Strain, so we got rid of that too

Frames finished by hand

Quality frames finished by hand

Italian Mazzucchelli acetate and German engineered metal for the best look and fee

Become one of over 200,000 FG customers!

Join the club

Become one of over 200,000 customers who wear Felix Gray! 9/10 of whom report significant improvement from Digital Eye Strain.

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