How Brooke Finds Relief From Headaches & Light Sensitivity

Meet Brooke. She’s an incredible personal trainer who loves all things health and fitness related. She shared her story with us and talked about life after 2 Traumatic Brain Injuries and how she finds relief from headaches and light sensitivity.

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I’ve always been ambitiously into sports, fitness, and health for as long as I can remember. Before I became a Certified Personal Trainer, I primarily fostered those passions as a soccer goalkeeper. However, it’s apparent now that my identity as a goalkeeper wasn’t meant to last.

I experienced the effects of my first Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) after I received a shot to the face at the end of my first collegiate soccer season. It took a year to be able to run again and the post-concussive symptoms never really went away even years later.

To make things even harder, in the summer of 2017 I suffered from an even more intense TBI while I was out for a run. It was a result of getting hit by a camper being pulled by a car. I was airlifted to a hospital in the next state over, where I was diagnosed with the TBI, skull fractures, and a subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH). I spent several weeks in the hospital that summer, and I am STILL recovering today.

I could go on about the list of effects and symptoms I’m still facing daily, but what is most relevant here are the headaches and sleep issues. The headaches, and other neurological symptoms such as insomnia, light sensitivity, and nausea, are noticeably worse when I look at any type of screen, whether it be the TV, computer, or phone. As you can imagine, they have a huge affect on my life and are just some of the many new issues preventing me from going to school or working.

Since I’ve had my Felix Grays, I’ve been able to watch TV for a longer period of time and most importantly, start working on my online coaching business.

Girl wearing Felix Gray eyeglasses

In pursuit of getting back to living my life, I’m turning up every possible stone to find something that can help. I initially heard about Felix Gray through Mind Pump, a fitness podcast that I listen to daily. I’m glad that I chose to try out Felix Gray’s Blue Light glasses — I love my glasses and I wear them every day.

Since I’ve had my Felix Grays, I’ve been able to watch TV for a longer period of time and most importantly, start working on my online coaching business.

As someone who suffers from chronic effects of a TBI, I never would have thought that Blue Light could be a culprit behind my symptoms. Once I tried my new Felix Grays, I realized that the Blue Light we encounter everyday, especially from screens at nighttime, was only making my symptoms worse.

The Felix Gray glasses have lightened the length, frequency, and intensity of my headaches, nausea, light sensitivity, and insomnia. All in all, my Felix Grays have really improved my quality of life since my TBI’s.

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