Fashion x Tech

I recently checked out the Metropolitan Museum of Art's temporary “Manus X Machina” exhibit. I’ve always been interested in fashion + technology (with both its along with its benefits – and consequences) and the role those each play in my everyday life.

I was especially interested in the exhibit because I was curious to see how artistic and scientific creativity intertwined: how clothing - a human basic need since the dawn of civilization - blends with advanced technology, which is a product of civilization’s growth and (seemingly) a basic need in our contemporary society. This exhibit presented a combination of old and new, historical and modern, art and science, of importance the importance of the two often contrasting fields. 


The exhibit discusses the “distinction between the hand (manus) and the machine (machina)" and discusses the clothing evolution from simple materials - such as wool and linen - to pieces that include acrylic, silicone, scuba knit, LED lights, and products of 3D printers or are controlled by a remote. The exhibit illustrates how fashion and high technology can blend seamlessly. Not only are pieces beautiful, but they are interesting and intelligently-created.

Sound familiar ;) 

There is also another side to the fashion-technology combination: practicality. At Felix Gray, we use fashion as a platform for our practical, yet cutting-edge, technology. With iPhones, computers, televisions, and billboards everywhere we look, our eyes are constantly strained, dried, and fatigued from the blue light emitted from those screens. Felix Gray glasses combine fashion and technology to make life easier - and less painful - by blocking blue light and protecting your eyes from digital strain.

“Manus X Machina” isn’t only an exhibit; it’s a metaphor for today’s world. There are fantastic benefits and unfortunate consequences; bask in the first part, we’ll help you with the second.


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