Customer Spotlight – Meet Jessica M.

Name: Jessica M.
Occupation: Marketing Advisor
Wears: Roebling in Sazerac Crystal
Where do you work and how do you interact with screens on a daily basis?

I work for Compass, a modern real estate company that is transforming the home buying and selling experience. As a Marketing Advisor, I work directly with our agents to bring their marketing ideas to life. This requires tons of screen time, both staring at my computer, and at my laptop or desk display. I’m constantly sending emails, putting together projects, staring at spreadsheets, and doing design work. It’s really tough on the eyes.

What led you to Felix Gray?

I was experiencing Digital Eye Strain regularly and always left work with a headache. I also found that by the middle of the day my eyes were noticeably tired. I had known about Felix Gray for a while, but it wasn’t until I heard real reviews from my coworkers before I finally made the move and am so glad I did!

Productivity means…

Quite literally, getting sh*t done. I’m most productive when I plan out my day and laser focus in on getting work done.

Happiness is…

In a professional setting, happiness is being able to get my work done without any headaches. When I’m not wearing my Felix Grays, I quite literally can not get work done because I quickly get a headache…and that makes me unhappy. In a social sense, happiness is a Friday night in with a Friends marathon and a glass of red wine.

What is your ideal work environment?

Collaborative and open. While I’m definitely a self-starter, I get even more motivated by my peers and by sharing thoughts and ideas on a regular basis.

How do you stay focused?

Background music and lots and lots of lists.

What’s your favorite thing to do online?

Instagram – I’m not an active poster, but I do check frequently throughout the day.

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