Customer Spotlight – Carlee

Name: Carlee M.
Wears: Limited-Edition Lovelace in Panorama
Lovelace in Panorama
Girl wearing Lovelace eyeglasses
Where do you work and how do you interact with screens on a daily basis?

I work for a federal government agency in Washington DC. My job requires two screens and constant computer work. Additionally, I ride the metro into and out of the city so I’m dealing with artificial light all day long.

What led you to Felix Gray?

Since starting this job, I noticed that my eyes were getting tired and I looked far more tired as I spent more and more time looking at computers. I had a previous job that allowed more balance between face time with people and face time with screens, so I noticed the difference pretty quickly. I had been looking for glasses for awhile, but could only find the really obnoxious amber-tinted ones. Then one of my favorite podcasts, Mind Pump, partnered with Felix Gray and I had to try them out.

Productivity means…

Productivity is super important (please don’t negatively judge or think otherwise! I may work for the government, but I do try very hard to be productive!) It’s all about getting as much work as possible done!

Happiness is…

Happiness means feeling good about the effort you put in to whatever you do.

What is your ideal work environment?

My ideal work environment is outside and away from a computer!

How do you stay focused?

I stay focused by taking breaks outside and resetting by being away from the computer or work for a few minutes. Once I come back I’m centered.

What’s your favorite thing to do online?

I love watching movies. I never get enough of classic movies and even new classics.

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