5 Ways To Get Back-To-School Ready

The lazy days of summer are winding down and that means the crazy back-to-school days are quickly approaching. It can be hard to get back into the school year routine after a summer of fun for both parents and kids. You’re totally out of your routine from vacations, relaxing, and lack of schedule, but then September comes around and the adjustment is needed. Use these five tips to make this school year’s adjustment the easiest one yet.

  1. Get into a bedtime routine: One of the hardest parts of summer is keeping a consistent bedtime. However, this is really important during the school year because sleep gives kids the fuel to get through the day. We suggest starting a bedtime routine about a week before school starts to get your child on a schedule. Starting a bedtime routine whether it’s by reading books or wearing Felix Gray Sleep Glasses to help your little one wind down and get their eyes ready for bed. If you’ve never worn our Sleep Glasses, they’re clinically proven to improve melatonin secretion by 2x and help your child get to sleep better, faster, and stay asleep longer.

  2. Shop for school supplies: A way to make going back to school more exciting is by going shopping for all of your school supplies for the upcoming year. Kids find it fun to pick out a backpack, notebooks, pens, and folders to start a fresh school year. Plus, it’s also good for parents to stay organized. School supply shopping is a good activity that helps everyone transition from the summer mindset to the learning mindset.

  3. Set up a homework station: Homework can be one of the toughest shifts kids have to get used to when they return to school in the fall. You can make it easier and even fun by setting up a dedicated homework station where your child can go solely for homework time. This way they always have a quiet, clean place to go where they can get their work done. It is important for them to have a devoted space so they do not get used to completing their homework in their beds or in front of the TV. This will allow them to complete their best work in an efficient manner.

  4. Establish screen time rules: Screen time can be an issue in many households, even during the summer. When the school year rolls around, screen time usually increases because they can be used for educational purposes as well. That’s why it’s best to set some ground rules about how long your child can be on their phone, tablet, or computer, and what they are allowed to do on it and where they are allowed to use it. If you are worried about overexposure to screens, a good solution is Felix Gray’s kids collection of Blue Light blocking glasses. They help to reduce the symptoms of Digital Eye Strain which can be really helpful during the school year.

  5. Plan! Plan! Plan!: Planning is key to making the transition back to school much easier for the entire family. It helps you stay on point, organized, and on time. You can meal prep breakfasts and lunches the night before so that the mornings are not as crazy. The kids can just grab and go right before they run out the door. Another tip is to lay out outfits the night before so there is no question in the morning of what to wear (which will take a lot of unnecessary stress and wasted time out of your morning routine).

These tips, whether you only use one or use all five, will put you on a path to a fun and successful school year! There is an adjustment period but, by implementing these tools into your routine, you and your kids will be off to a great start.

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