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We stare at screens a lot.

Learn how our lenses protect your eyes.

Our lenses filter blue light emitted from computer screens

Blue Light

Blue light is high-energy light that is emitted by all screens. It suppresses the body's melatonin, which affects our circadian rhythm and prevents us from sleeping well at night.

Its high frequency also strains the eye, which can lead to eye fatigue and headaches.

Our lenses filter blue light’s most harmful wavelengths (400-440 nm), while allowing “good” blue light (440-500 nm) to enter the eye.

Felixgray lenses reduce glare from computer screens


Glare creates unnecessary feedback that our eyes need to filter out. This causes stress on our eyes, but is easily prevented.

All our lenses have premium AR coatings (anti-glare) to prevent up to 99% of glare from entering our eyes.

Now you can leave that glaring problem you once had in the dust for good.

Felixgray lenses slightly magnify text


Our eyes are at rest when staring 20 feet away. We overwork our eyes muscles, particularly the ciliary muscle when staring at up-close objects (hint: computer) for long periods of time.

Our lenses are slightly magnified, which provides extra clarity and reduces the stress on our ciliary muscle.

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Happier eyes, yay!

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