What To See In NYC: Art this August

Give your eyes a break from sitting and staring at screens and take advantage of NYC's boundless culture. One suggestion: Chelsea art galleries. Chelsea is gallery central and filled with art, but not concentrated with tourists like at the Met or MoMA. We’ve got for you some great picks for this month, to stop at on the way home from work, peek into pre-dinner, or even just read about online during the work day before visiting this weekend!




1) Michael Kidner, Works on Paper at FLOWERS Gallery (until August 27th)

529 West 20th St

Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm 

The late British artist (1917-2009) focused on “the optical effects of light, color, and systemic structure” on the eye. His experiments with the effects of shapes and colors on the “retinal after-image” connect the formation of the art with the physical effect on the viewer.



2) 5-artist group exhibition, Summer Hours at Anna Zorina Gallery (until August 27th)

533 West 23rd St

Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm 

Stop by here if you’re interested in an exhibition featuring a serious variety of media; there’s bubble wrap, cardboard, and watercolor, to name a few.



3) 9-artist group exhibition, 9 Objects at RYAN LEE Gallery (until August 26th)

515 West 26th St

Monday-Friday 10am-6pm

Check out this small but diverse exhibit where 9 well-known artists each has crafted one sculpture. Short and sweet!







4) Group exhibitions, Blackness in Abstraction and GLASS at PACE Gallery

537 West 24th St

Monday-Thursday 10am-6pm, Friday 10am-4pm

The visually exciting exhibit Blackness in Abstraction is a study on the continual presence of the color black in art since the 1940s.

See highly-acclaimed Vietnam-Memorial-designer Maya Lin and others in GLASS, a selection of artwork all made out of glass and glass-found objects, calling attention to “the dichotomy between glass as a medium and as a found element.”



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