The Small Things: 5 Thoughts To Smile About

We complain about a lot in life. "Ugh, I have to do X," "I won't have time for Y,"  and "Z is so annoying why does that person even exist."

But there also things to be happy about! So much of our world and are lives is great, and we want to take time to appreciate them! :)


1) When your favorite song comes on shuffle.

Doesn't it just feels like everything just falls into place?


2) Being able to walk around outside without bundling up.

Life is SO MUCH EASIER without heavy layers.



3) Forward-rolling toilet paper.

One of the greatest small pleasures in life. 


4) You can SLEEP IN tomorrow! 

And the day after that!


5) Laughing so hard your abs ache.

Cause being super happy while getting in a workout counts as a quadruple win. 


6) The Frank Ocean album comes out today!

(or so we were told…)



7) When the line at Starbucks is shorter than you think it’ll be.

Coffee tastes better without the wait.


8) When your commute does not include sweating.

This is the perfect definition of what it's like to "beat the heat."



9) A really really really good drink.

 Taste -- check. Mood -- check. Life -- check.


10) Happy, youthful eyes!

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Friday is for friendship! Let's make it happen.