The September Issue, Felix Gray Edition

The longest of a fashion magazine’s 12 monthly issues, the “September Issue” is THE issue of the year. It heralds the top fashion trends for autumn, the most important (and often the best) season for fashion. Additionally, the September Issue is the strong start to a fashion year, anticipating what’s to come in the next 12 months.


Since we’re a fashion brand as well as a technology one, here’s our own little “September Issue,” with news about us — what to expect from your best accessory friend this fall:




  • We will present TWO NEW FRAMES later this fall. Exciting to say the least!!! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to stay tuned.


  • As the days get shorter, you’ll find yourself often looking at screens when it’s dark out (a serious contrast in light). Make sure that all the blue light emission isn’t greatly affecting your sleep pattern.


  • Felix Grays fit perfectly with fall fashion. Our browns, blacks, and other neutral-colored options are the perfect match with a fall suit, long coat, and the beautiful leaves hanging from the trees!


  • Another downside to the colder weather is that the air is more dry – adding to the dryness already created by staring at screens all day. Don your Felix Grays to block toughness of the brisk weather!



 The September Issue marks the start of something our new friendship!