The Importance of Wellness

It feels as if today, health and wellbeing have never been more important. Every time I open the Internet, I see a new article on “the LIFE-CHANGING diet,” “how to maximize happiness,” “the new kale,” “how to avoid stress,” “ways to sleep better,” or “a plan to keep your life in balance”.



It’s overwhelming to say the least. Because I am bombarded every day with “the best” plans to improve my wellbeing, I too become infatuated with my own health. I am intrigued by these journalists—who really may not be much smarter than I am—trying to convince me that they know how to make me a happier person. The problem is, boy, do they succeed! My interest in health absolutely feeds on these random articles.



But why? Is this obsession with health just our growing awareness of the physical affects of our daily life choices? Or perhaps an outlet through which we can feel smarter as a species? Maybe we just want a stronger grasp on our busy, complex lives? It be a combination of the three. The more we learn, the more we want to understand and have control of, and personal wellness is an area that we feel we can control.  


In some ways, this fascination with health is great, and in others, too much. I’ve read a fair share on the downsides of being too obsessed with health—which is quite common. At an extreme point, personal wellbeing becomes less of a relaxing, enjoyable, experience and more of an intense, ambitious personal agenda.




Perhaps we should try to back-off a bit from our real infatuation with health and wellness. Rather than focus on the newest de-stressing exercise or a new-and-improved daily schedule to fit your sleep pattern, we should really think about what makes us happy individually. There is no way that a features editor of a lifestyle magazine knows more about you than you do!



What we can turn to, however, is universally-accepted scientific reasoning. Take us, for example. Felix Gray fixes a global problem. Blue light emission has serious negative effects, and even though people’s symptoms vary on the spectrum of intensity, science has proven that the issue exists, and we fix it. Additionally, Felix Grays fix more than one problem, so our frames can really be used by every single person. Since our lenses filter blue light, reduce glare, magnify text, and the frames are fashionable, it’s hard to turn them down. That’s the truth!





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