The Edible Outdoor AC: ICE CREAM



Give your eyes a break this weekend of scorching heat and enjoy a chilly treat! One way to get rid of Digital Eye Strain is to leave your computer and get out into the world! To help you out, we’ve rounded up some great ice cream options. Tag us @felixgrays on Instagram for a shout-out if you stop by any of these shops – or if you find a better one!


 1) Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream

Fluffernutter Crunch is waiting for you. Or is it Sicilian Pistachio? I mean, the name calls to mind a beautiful, breezy Sunday afternoon in a field—how lovely. Stop by one of their 5 Manhattan or Brooklyn locations for an ~artisanal~ and ~creative~ treat.


 2) 10Below – Lower East Side, Chinatown, Flusing

You just know they have good ice cream when there’s a flavor called Peanut Butter & Jealous and one called Monkey Business (banana and Nutella, of course). Stop by for a nice chilly “Thai-inspired ice cream roll.”



3) Ice & Vice – Lower East Side

You’ll never get bored ‘cause their flavors change seasonally. Head over for their original Happy Panda and Tico Time flavors, in addition to classic Detention Ice Cream Sandwich.



4) Ample Hills Creamery (for the lazy)

If you’re not even going outside but STILL want ice cream, Ample Hills has your name written all over it. Chilly options like Snap Mallow Pop, Raw Deal, and Sweet as Honey can be the perfect call for an easy afternoon inside…you’re probably smarter to avoid the heat anyway.


As mentioned earlier, tag us on Instagram of your ice cream photo if you'd like a shoutout!


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