From the Dawn of Time, Mankind has Sought to Work Smarter



From the dawn of time, mankind has sought to work smarter.

Advancements in apparel has allowed the human race to hack the lengthy process of biological evolution, reducing the duration of time needed to adapt. Our ancestors used to spent hours, even days, hunting in the elements, unclothed and unprotected, just to survive.

Eventually, a smart man (or likely woman) decided, "I will craft apparel to give myself a competitive advantage," and so began mankind's rise to the top of the food chain. As humans, survival has always relied on our keen ability to adapt to the envirnment, and the story is no different today. The elements have changed, but the need for advancement remains constant. Show me one professional whose eyes "feel fine" after 12 hour days at a computer, and I'll show you a professional sleeper. 

Today, man's greatest achievements come, not from months at sea or days on hunt, but from progress made by way of digital technologies. Evolution in apparel has derived a "pushing of the envelope" for nearly every occupation, but how has apparel given a competitive advantage to the developers, bankers, designers, consultants, and lawyers staring at monitors for hours on end? What apparel has allowed the "human element" in demanding office environments to work smarter and more productively? Felix Gray computer glasses, that's what.

Felix Grays employ a proprietary lens technology that blocks glare and correctly filters the harmful blue light emitted from digital screens. We wrap our lens in timeless frame designs, handcrafted from Italian acetate, to ensure our users are the envy of the office. The result: less eyestrain, increased stamina, crisper vision and better sleep so our users can do what they do, better, longer, and in greater comfort.

Word has spread like hot mercury, in part from Business Insider buying a pair, but mostly from word-of-mouth travelling through offices and social media. My co-founder, David, and I set out to make Felix Gray the staple of evolution in modern apparel. As former analysts at competitive firms, we were well conditioned to create a fashionable tool for our colleagues working on the awesome advancements of tomorrow. 

As was true for our ancestors before, the world does not yield for mankind's discomfort or inconvenience. In both nature and business, to the victor go the spoils. Strain Spoil your eyes with Felix Gray and keep your competitive advantage. You may be pleasently surprised with how sexy you look in a pair of specs :)


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Chris Benedict is COO & Co-founder of Felix Gray. Before FG, he held analytical roles in consulting, investment banking, and asset management.