Like PB&J: 6 things that go with Felix Gray

Few things go together better than PB&J. We've come up with some J, but to our FG.

1. Netflix 

Catching up on Orange is the New Black? Finally watching Breaking Bad? Netflix is just asking for Felix Grays—I mean, the longer you wear them, the longer you can watch, right?  


2. Reading a newspaper or book

 Whether you get your daily dose of current events or literature from the web or you’re ~hipster~ and actually read a hard copy, our frames are the salt to your steak. Why wouldn’t you want to look like Atticus Finch?


3. A sports game

Maybe you’re lucky enough to sit in the stands and potentially be on television or your vibe is just to lounge on the couch. In any case, Felix Grays make a great companion. And with the Olympics coming up, we know we’ll be spending more time on the couch than usual. Don a pair of Turing, Nash, or Faraday for a great Olympic evening.


4. Your dog or cat

Wait, what? Yeah, just so you can see the cutie more up close, cause there’s nothing better. (And maybe so the pooch won’t lick your eye off).



5. Literally any outfit

With examples set by Claire Underwood and Clark Kent, the only thing that can make a tailored outfit look more perfect is a great pair of glasses. On the other hand, if you’re more of New Girl’s Jess or Moonrise Kingdom’s Sam kinda person, glasses also better an already quirky look.



6. Your face!

Better than with an outfit or something to read,Felix Grays look best with YOUR FACE! Duh.










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